A smart, reliable emergency alert system for seniors.

No armband. No necklace. No battery charging.


Smart SciCare Monitoring and Alert System

Simple home sensors without the inconvenience and discomfort of a wearable device. Plus, your privacy is assured with a Factic Tech guarantee.

Do you know how wearable devices fail? Disruption by the user. Either by failure to adopt the technology or failure to wear or charge the device.

No Armband


No Necklace


No Charging

Fall Detection

Room Hazard Detection


Voice Controlled Emergency Calls


How it Works


SciCare’s home sensor uses smart technology to monitor living space for falls, unusual noises and breaks in daily routines. It is a self-training device that remembers a resident’s movements, common noises within the living space, room temperature and more. Abnormal activity (like uncontrollable coughing) can signal distress in seniors, so this type of activity, or a simple yell for help, automatically gives SciCare a data-driven reason to activate a safety plan.

Step 1

A hard-wired SciCare home sensor detects abnormal activity or a call for help within the living space.

Step 2

The home care service provider is instantly connected to the resident through speaker phone.

Step 3

Based on information available from the resident and the sensors, the home care service…read more

About Us

SciCare is an active-monitoring device for seniors and vulnerable people. It is designed by Factic Tech.

Factic is a solutions-based company that is driven by modern technology. We combine the latest in machine learning, computer programming and hardware to help our community with simple, reliable products.

We believe there is space for computer-based practices to be developed in health care and look forward to identifying and filling gaps within this growing sector.

The Factic name is a combination of FACT and LOGIC. These words define our core values as a technology company and give us purpose. We promote “First Principles” when it comes to decision making, therefore we dig for facts to provide a strong foundation to build upon and support our solutions.


SciCare will be available in 2019. Stay connected with SciCare for more information or to pre-order a SciCare home sensor.


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Factic is a solutions-based company that is driven by modern technology.

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